Sunday, May 1, 2011


In the last month the business activity in Auga dropped down. Especially at the first quarter of the month there were almost no activity at all. This changed with the incursion of Auga.

I refined the statistics, so that now I can say how much of our effect benefits our militia and how much went to the enemy. From the total revenue achieved in last month about 40% was generated by direct support to the militia and allies, about 5% was by purchase from enemy.

Mineral acquisition is the most challenging point in Auga. Directly inside of the warzone and with high pirate activity, there are only very low, if any, mining activity in this region, while in the neighbouring high-sec, especially Abudban and Rens, there are high production activities. At the same time mineral price is surging generally in the whole Republic space. This all made the situation very tough.